Reverse mortgages are loans that use home equity to offer homeowners more financial freedom and flexibility. These loans are for homeowners aged 62 and older and can be used to eliminate monthly mortgage payments.* They can also provide extra cash to help pay for other expenses like travel, medical care and home repairs or anything the homeowner wants.

*Borrower must continue to pay property taxes, homeowners insurance and maintenance costs.

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

Answer the questions below for help deciding whether a reverse mortgage is right for you.

  1. Would you have more freedom if your mortgage payments were voluntary instead of mandatory?*
  2. Would you benefit from converting some of your home equity into a standby cash reserve for emergencies, expenses or enjoyment?
  3. Could you improve your quality of life if you didn’t have to make a monthly mortgage payment?*
  4. Would you like to prepare a fund that could replace income if needed?
  5. Do you need a plan to cover your life insurance or long-term care premium payments if your income is reduced?
  6. If you could wait to take social security payments and ensure you received a larger amount later, would you want to know how?
  7. Would you be interested in getting funds to renovate your home and make it more suitable to your needs?
  8. Would you be interested in buying a new home without making monthly mortgage payments?
  9. Are you looking for ways to consolidate or pay down high-interest debt?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, please contact us about getting a reverse mortgage.

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